May 27, 2015


Each partner of the project said goodbye to the others:


In this project I learnt a lot, we are all happy and thousand of friends I met.
Among all these countries, the one I enjoyed most it has been France, because I have been there.
This poem is dedicated to those project mates, foreigners and travelers who hosted us. 

From Primary School's pupils:

From Secondary School's pupils:

From the Italian teachers, because we all had fun sharing and learning from each other: 




April 04, 2015


After a webcam meeting among the five schools, here you have the jokes, gags and fools we shared that time.


March 19, 2015


This term we have been working on PAINTING. Every school has painted the European Parliament Building in Strasbourg (France) through the technique of a different european artist. Once in Madrid, we all set the puzzle with one piece. 
 French students, who will travel to Strasbourg these days, are also planning to give one painting as a present to the European Parliament.

November 25, 2014


The five partners of the project want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
 Have a look!





May 12, 2014


We want to celebrate the spring with some poems. Every school prepared a poem to the rest of the partners. Some pupils of each school recited the poem via videoconference. 


                                         HISTORIA DE UNA SEMILLA

          Oculta en el corazón

de una pequeña semilla
bajo la tierra,
una planta
en profunda paz dormía.
¡Despierta! – dijo el sol.

¡Despierta!- dijo la lluvia fría.
y la planta, que era muy curiosa,

quiso ver qué ocurría.
Se puso un vestido verde

y estiró el cuerpo hacia arriba.
De toda planta que nace,

ésta es la historia sencilla.

(Manuel F. Juncos)

The Little Plant

In the heart of a seed,
Buried deep so deep,
A tiny plant
Lay fast asleep.
"Wake," said the sunshine,
"And creep to the light."
"Wake," said the voice
Of the raindrops bright.
The little plant heard
And it rose to see,
What the wonderful,
Outside world might be.


Spring has come
with sweet- smelling air

Blossoming fields and blooming  gardens
and blue crispy skies

On branches birds are singing
wilst bees buzz in their hives

Flying swallows, ringing festive bells
it is the awakening of nature!

Butterflies start emerging
displaying a thousand colours on their wings


Le printemps
Le temps a laissé son manteau
De vent, de froidure et de pluie
Et s'est vêtu de broderie,
De soleil luisant, clair et beau.
Il n'y a bête, ni oiseau
Qu'en son langage ne chante ou crie :
Le temps a laissé son manteau
De vent, de froidure et de pluie.
Rivières, fontaines et ruisseaux
Portent en livrée jolie
Gouttes d'argent, d'orfèvrerie ;
Chacun s'habille de nouveau :
Le temps a laissé son manteau.
Charles d'Orléans, Rondeaux (Xvè)

The Spring
The weather left its coat
Of wind, cold and rain
And dressed in embroidery,
Of gleaming, clear and beautiful sun.
There is no animal, nor bird
That in its language sing or shouts:
The weather left its coat
Of wind, cold and rain.
Rivers, fountains and brooks
Wear pretty livery
Drops of silver, silver plates;
Each gets dressed again:
The weather left its coat
Charles d'Orléans, Rondeaux (Xvè)
J'ai crié : « Avril ! »
A travers la pluie,
Le soleil a ri.
J'ai crié : « Avril ! »
Et des hirondelles
Ont bleui le ciel.
J'ai crié : « Avril ! »
Et le vert des prés
S'est tout étoilé.
J'ai crié : « Avril ! »
Veux-tu me donner
Un beau fiancé ?
Mais, turlututu,
Il n'a rien répondu.
Maurice Carême, La lanterne magique (1947)

I shouted: " April! "
Through the rain,
The sun laughed.
I shouted: " April! "
And swallows
Made blue the sky.
I shouted: " April! "
And the green of meadows
Quite studed.
I shouted: " April! "
Do you want to give me
A beautiful fiancé?
But, turlututu,
He answered nothing.
Maurice Carême, The magic lantern ( 1947 )
Au Printemps
Regardez les branches
Comme elles sont blanches !
Il neige des fleurs.
Riant dans la pluie,
le soleil essuie
les saules en pleurs
Et le ciel reflète,
Dans la violette
Ses pures couleurs...
La mouche ouvre l'aile
Et la demoiselle
Aux prunelles d'or,
Au corset de guêpe
Dépliant son crêpe,
A repris l'essor.
Le goujon frétille
Un printemps encore !
Théophile Gautier (XIXè)

In Spring
Look at branches
As they are white!
It snows flowers.
Laughing in the rain,
the sun wipes
willows weeping
And the sky reflects,
In the violet
Its pures colors...
The fly opens the wing
And the young lady
With golden pupils,
With a corset of wasp
Unfolding its crepe,
flied off.
The gudgeon fidgets
A spring still!
Théophile Gautier ( XIXè)


Bogha Báistí

Solas na gréine
Is braonta báistí,
Dearg, oráiste,
Glas agus buí.

Gorm is corcra,
Dathanna go léir,
Bogha báistí,
Draíocht sa spéir.


The light of the sun
And big fat drops of rain,
Red, orange,
Green and Yellow.

Blue and purple,
All of the colours,
Magic in the sky.

Bogha Báistí - an Irish poem recited by the children of third class in Claddagh N.S. from Claddagh NS on Vimeo.

April 05, 2014


The boys and girls of 4th, 5th and 6th classes in the Claddagh N.S participated in the highly anticipated 2014 Indoor Football World Cup. Last year was the first year in which this competition was run in the school and France were champions on that occasion.
Due to the huge success of last year’s event it was decided to make the 2014 tournament even more special, bigger and better!!!

How does it work?
  • 12 countries were selected – they were:- Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Uruguay, Belgium and Italy.
  • Each team consisted of 7 players, made up of boys and girls from the various classes.
  • The countries were divided into 4 Groups: A, B, C and D.
  • Each country played the other teams in their group twice meaning each team got to play a minimum of 4 games.
  • The winner of each Group then made it through to the semi finals!

Here is an example of some team photos!
                                                         France  ALLEZ LES BLEUS!!!:                        
Italia/Italia   FORZA AZZURI!!!  
                                               Éireann/Ireland   Éirinn Go Brágh!!!:
España/Spain    VIVA ESPANA!!!

The Games:
The games were played during lunchtimes in the Dominican Hall beside our school – renamed Stadio Del Dominico during the World Cup!! The games were 10 minutes long and played over the course of 8 weeks.

Results and scores were displayed on the walls of each class and players representing each country learned about the culture of each nation – capital cities, history, food, people and famous football stars of course!!

The matches were exciting, tense and packed full of goals! The children learned the skills of football and improved with every game. There was an emphasis on fair play, teamwork and having lots of fun!

Semi Final:
After 6 weeks of group games the following four teams qualified for the semi finals:-

Belgium, Brazil, Spain and Germany.

In the first semi final Brazil defeated German 1-0 and this was followed by Spain beating Belgium 3-2. So the final had been decided – it was going to be Brazil v Spain!

The Final:
There was a huge build-up to the final and massive excitement throughout the school as everyone waited in anticipation for the big game! Children in 2nd and 4th classes made mini individual flags for the supporters of both countries.
The game began and Brazil were first to score…but Spain got a great goal just before half time and so they sides were level 1-1 at the interval.
In the second half both teams played some fantastic football. The noise from the supporters in Stadio Del Dominico was immense and Spain too the lead 2-1!!!
What a goal!!!
 But Brazil never gave up and scored another goal! Both sides scored one more each and the score at the end was 3-3!

Extra Time
The rule in the final was that if the game finished level then we would play extra time ‘Golden Goal’ – meaning the first team to score in extra time would be crowned ‘Champions of the World’!!! The excitement was at fever pitch now as both teams came close to winning the game but eventually Spain scored a dramatic winner and their team and supporters celebrated wildly!!
They were presented with the World Cup trophy!
Every single goal was recorded from the beginning of the tournament and the Golden Boot Award was given to the player who scored the most amount of goals. The winner this year was Morgan  from the Brazil Team, he scored 13 goals in 6 games:-
The player of the tournament award went to the individual who tried very hard, played in the right spirit of the games and set an example to others. The winner was Hamsley form the Italian Team!:-

Overall the children had a fantastic time playing in this Indoor Football World Cup. They learned about the various participating countries and those who are still in school next year cannot wait for the 2015 World Cup. Can Spain defend their title?? We’ll wait and see.

April 04, 2014


This is our school, our pupils, our teachers and the place where they are. 
Have a look and enjoy! 
I promise it is a great video. 

Did you like the song of our presentation?
You can sing with us!